Diversify and grow your company’s cash automatically

Access up to $50 million of FDIC insurance¹ and 4.72% APY² on deposits from a single account. Get started today in under 10 minutes.
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Read about Mayfair
Mayfair is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by, and Enhanced FDIC insurance¹ only available through, Third Coast Bank SSB, Member FDIC and its network of participating banks. Mayfair also partners with Stripe³.
Minimize Risk

Limit your exposure to any one bank

Protect yourself from future bank runs
After the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank, it’s clear that the standard FDIC insurance of $250,000 is not enough for most companies. If finding a safe home for your cash is important to you, we can help.
Access up to $50m of FDIC insurance coverage¹
Through Third Coast Bank SSB and our partner deposit network, your funds are automatically distributed across many banks to multiply your level of coverage and limit the risk of any single point of failure.
Retain the simplicity of a single checking account
We take care of the legwork behind the scenes so you don’t need to open and maintain separate accounts at each bank or allocate money between them. Instead, continue to use your account just like any other checking account.
Trusted by hundreds of companies

Meet some of the firms that trust Mayfair to manage their cash

Maximize yield

Earn up to 4.72% APY² on every dollar

Get paid to hold cash at FDIC-insured banks so you can earn more, in less time, and with lower risk.
Banks pay for your deposits
We use our assets under management to negotiate better rates on your behalf and pass that benefit directly on to you, so you can earn near-Treasury Bill (T-Bill) rates without investing in T-Bills.
Your cash is never invested into other assets
No laddered Treasury portfolios. No money market funds. No risky investments of any kind. We just get banks to pay you a great rate so you can earn yield with no investment risk.
Get rapid access to your funds
Withdraw your funds at any time. No lockups. No waiting periods. No redemption requests. Transfer same-day or next-day via ACH.
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Make the most of your cash

* Annual percentage yields (APYs) of the selected banks reflect New York savings rates for similar products with a minimum balance of $2,500. Rates may vary by state and do not account for bonus, special or promotional APYs. This calculator does not include all savings accounts available in the marketplace. APYs are as of May 4, 2023 and are subject to change at any time before or after account is opened. This calculator is for illustrative purposes only and may not apply to your individual circumstances. Calculated values assume that principal and interest remain on account.
Automate your treasury

Seamlessly incorporate into your existing bank account structure

We offer automated cash management and there is no need to switch your primary bank. We monitor your bank accounts to ensure you maximize overall FDIC insurance coverage while keeping what you need for operations. We automatically check and rebalance on a daily basis.

Link to your existing bank accounts

Set up your cash sweep rules

Put your treasury function on autopilot

Rely on advanced security

Experience a new standard in platform security

Robust authentication

Your account is safeguarded with enhanced platform security using mandatory organization-wide MFA.

End-to-end encryption

We leverage industry best practices and encrypt your data at rest and in transit to keep your information safe.

Independent testing

Our security protocols and processes undergo independent auditing and penetration testing on a regular basis.
Our customers

Modern businesses use Mayfair to protect and grow their cash

“Mayfair gives us the opportunity to lower our cost, which improves returns for our investors. All that means more repeat investors, and a stronger bottom line.”
Mike Skoczylas, CFO
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“Mayfair is easy to use and maximizes our cash. It's the best thing I could bring to this business and my role."
Alex Wasserman, CFO
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Mayfair made it super easy to get 4% back on cash in our bank account. When markets started crashing and we wanted to extend runway, it was the easiest way to reduce our burn rate and offset the cost of a full-time employee."
Prince Ghosh, CEO
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“We used to have millions of dollars of excess cash just sitting there. Now, our account interest might boost our profits by 3% in a year. There’s no expense—it’s pure profit.”
Sam Michelson, CEO
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We’ve got you covered

How am I protected by FDIC insurance?
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By opening a Third Coast Bank SSB account through Mayfair, you deposit your funds into a deposit account offering up to the current standard maximum FDIC insurance of $250,000. Customers who wish to opt into the Enhanced Deposit Protection Program (EDPP) will have their funds swept into deposit accounts across a network of over 200 FDIC-insured banks. The cumulative limit for access to FDIC insurance through an EDPP account is $50 million¹.

By opening a Stripe account through Mayfair, your funds are held at Evolve Bank & Trust and eligible for pass-through FDIC insurance up to the current standard maximum FDIC insurance of $250,000.

Is the rate fixed or will it change?
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It changes based on a number of factors — the most important being the Federal Funds Rate. It’s in our best interest to offer customers a competitive rate, so we’re always looking for opportunities to do just that.

When we get paid more, we pay it forward to you with a better APY²,⁴. We’ll always notify you when the rates change.

When can I withdraw my funds?
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You can withdraw your funds at any time. ACH transfers usually take one business day to arrive, but can take up to 3–5 business days.

How much does this cost?
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The service has no account fees, maintenance costs, or ACH transfer fees. An outbound wire costs $10, which simply covers Mayfair's cost to provide that wire.

Diversify and grow your company’s cash automatically

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