Four things cash management should do

June 24, 2023

Effective cash management is a crucial aspect of business finance. It involves the strategic deployment of funds to ensure liquidity, generate higher returns, mitigate risk, and maintain simplicity in financial operations. But businesses, whether startups or established corporations, are rarely making the most of their cash.

Traditional banks often fail to comprehend the urgency and agility required to manage cash effectively to support a dynamic business. Dealing with burnt-out bank employees that may not consider your request to be as much of a priority as you do, navigating outdated systems, time-consuming onboarding processes, and enduring agonizingly long wait times for support only adds further tasks to your already overloaded to-do list.

We exist to solve those issues. We believe that smart cash management should be the standard for all businesses, and part of that means having the ability to put your cash to work for you.

With Mayfair, you get four core benefits: high yield, lower risk than many alternatives, reliable liquidity, and a simple yet thoughtful user experience to ensure you make intelligent decisions to protect and enhance your capital. We specialize in cash accounts so that your funds are there whenever you need them and we avoid financial products that are subject to capital loss with high frequency or high magnitude.

By using Mayfair, your cash management will go from being a point of anxiety to an effortless part of your operations. We do this by:

Lowering risk
We work with trusted, robust banks to provide you with both high rates and the confidence of knowing your funds are protected. Mayfair is partnered with FDIC-insured banks and a growing roster of connectivity partners like Stripe which allows us to add a safety layer around error prone banking processes. The only asset the Mayfair account holds is cash, so your money is not invested in money market funds, treasuries, bonds, or other financial products that are subject to risk.

Focusing on liquidity
Our products do not include lock-up periods. It’s important to us that we deliver higher yield and lower risk than traditional enterprise banking, all without sacrificing the operational convenience of quick liquidity. We know that having readily available cash is crucial for meeting short-term financial obligations and taking advantage of unforeseen opportunities. So we make sure you have quick access to funds when needed and the comfort of a safety net during emergencies or market fluctuations.

Offering attractive yields
Our ability to scale is valuable to banks, and we pass that value on to our customers. We use our assets under management to negotiate better rates on your behalf and pass that benefit directly on to you. Our goal is to get you the leading yield on the market. Because of this model, you’ll receive higher rates than what would otherwise be offered to you directly from the bank.

Among the many benefits you receive when managing your cash with Mayfair, earning more money via a higher annual percentage yield (APY) on your deposits is paramount, and that’s why we’re continuously expanding our business and banking partnerships so that you can earn the highest rate possible. We make it easy for you to earn many times what traditional savings accounts are offering.

Providing a simple, clear, and effective experience
Simplicity is at the core of everything we do. Our platform allows you to “set and forget”, or to manage funds in granular detail—whatever is most useful to you. With Mayfair, we streamline your treasury functions so that you can optimize your cash management from a single dashboard. Simply choose how much you need for operations and earn yield on the rest.

Through our partnerships with companies including Stripe, we place your cash with partner banks. We automatically rebalance your accounts on a regular basis to maximize your earnings while making sure you have what you need for operations.

Mayfair is more than just a cash management solution; it’s a catalyst for growth and efficiency. With a well-executed cash management plan, you can optimize your financial resources and set yourself up for long-term success. We understand the unique challenges and demands faced by both the entrepreneurial and larger corporate world, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Unlock the potential of your cash with Mayfair, maximize your returns, and gain the financial freedom needed to thrive in a competitive market by letting Mayfair make cash work for you.

* For more information on the current annual percentage yield (APY) for Mayfair’s cash account products, please visit and read our disclaimers and terms of service.

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