Feature update

Feature update: multiple entities

September 15, 2023

What's new: 
You may now create and access multiple entities using the same login. You may invite other administrators, as well as bookkeepers, to have similar access.

Please note that this feature does not give multiple entities access to the same cash account(s). Cash accounts can only belong to one entity, and each entity must create its own. You can, however, transfer funds between separate entities' cash accounts using our send funds to an external account feature.

Note that each new entity must go through the same KYC/KYB process that your original organization underwent. Approval for one entity does not guarantee approval for another.

How this helps:
Many of our customers control multiple, separate business entities as part of a larger brand or their preferred organizational structure. With the ability to attach multiple entities to administrative and bookkeeper accounts, you can more easily control and monitor these separate company cash accounts without having to use and keep track of multiple logins.  

Who this impacts:
Administrators may create and access multiple entities from a single set of administrator credentials. They may also invite other administrators as well as bookkeepers.

Bookkeepers may access multiple entities from a single set of bookkeeper credentials, but they must be invited by an administrator account for each entity. They cannot invite other bookkeepers to any account to which they've been given access.

How to get started:
Click on your business' name at the top right of your dashboard. In the drop-down menu, click on + Add company, then provide the new entity's name. You may add its logo now or later.

You'll begin the application process for this new entity much like you did for your original account. In nearly all cases, the status of this application, as well as whether or not it is approved, will not impact the status of your existing approved account.

Once the application is approved, you'll be able to access this company's dashboard by going to the drop-down menu at the top right of your screen which has your firm’s name. Click on the new company's name beneath Other companies. You can also click Dashboard to see all your entities' key figures at once.

To give other members of your team the same single sign-on access to multiple entities, simply add them on each individual entity's dashboard (see this article for how to add additional users).

At this time, you must repeat this process for every entity. Be sure to use the same email for each invitation; when your teammate signs in, the entity will be attached automatically to their credentials.

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