Feature update

Feature update: admin and bookkeeper rules

September 6, 2023

What's new:
Mayfair now offers two different levels of access when creating new user profiles on your firm's profile: admin and bookkeeper.

Admins have the following abilities and permissions:

  • Add new connecting  accounts
  • Transfer money into your Mayfair account from an external  account
  • Transfer money out of your Mayfair account into a connected account
  • Add other users as either admins or bookkeepers
  • Create new cash accounts
  • Reveal the full account numbers of your associated accounts at partner banks

Bookkeeper accounts do not have any of the above permissions. They can view account balances and ledgers, which include deposited amounts, withdrawn amounts, and yield earned. They do not have access to any permissions or abilities which may directly or indirectly affect a movement of funds.

How this helps:
These levels of access allow business owners and executives to grant read-only access to members of their finance team or third-party bookkeepers while maintaining full control over their Mayfair account and funds placed therein.

Please note: admin privileges should only be given to business owners or executives with the authority to make major financial decisions for your firm(s).

Who this impacts:
All primary account owners of Mayfair cash accounts.

How to get started:

To add a new user to your account, click on Settings at the top of your firm's dashboard, then Users, then Invite user.

Enter the email address of the individual you wish to invite, select the access level you wish to grant them, then click Send invite or Send invite + verification form depending on the level of access you wish to give. They'll receive an email prompting them to create an account and, if invited to become an admin, answer a brief questionnaire and upload identification.

Note that if your individual profile is connected to multiple entities and you wish to add another individual as either an admin or bookkeeper to all of them, you will need to do so on each individual entity's account page. To switch entities, simply click on the desired entity in the same menu you found add users.

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