Feature update

Feature update: Plaid integration

November 6, 2023

What's new
Mayfair can now connect to your other financial solutions via Plaid, the same secure partner we use to connect to over 12,000 banks.

How this helps
You now can pull balances from your Mayfair accounts and see that data in other applications like Xero or Brex, or one of the many thousands of other apps that use Plaid.

Who this impacts
Administrators and bookkeepers both can connect Mayfair accounts for which they have sufficient permissions. Note that you will also need to have sufficient permissions on the solution you're attempting to connect.

To get started
Within the app you're connecting, go to the page or portal you would use to connect a regular bank account and follow the instructions on screen, eventually providing your Mayfair login credentials. We receive this information securely via Plaid and will then provide your solution with live access to the details of your Mayfair accounts.

For Brex, follow these instructions.

For Xero, follow these instructions.

For other solutions, please check their help section if you're unsure how to add accounts via Plaid.

In most cases, if you add an additional cash account to your Mayfair account, Plaid will update your information automatically. If not, simply reconnect your Mayfair account to receive an updated account listing.

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