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Why is the yield on our cash account so high?
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Meet a few of the business owners already using Mayfair to boost their revenue.
“The Mayfair team provided white-glove service throughout onboarding, taking the time to make sure I understood the full process and mechanics. Plus the rate on the account is higher than other offers.
Jasmine Mansouri
CEO of Pillar, YC S19
“Mayfair made it super easy to get 4% back on cash in our bank account. When markets started crashing and we wanted to extend runway, it was the easiest way to reduce our burn rate and offset the cost of a full-time employee.”
Prince Ghosh
“It’s simple math. We’d much rather be generating return on our cash than letting it sit in a savings account for negligible return. Mayfair is the easiest way for us to earn some extra yield while still having the security of an FDIC-insured bank.
Michael Otis
CEO, Procoto
It’s like having an extra paying customer.”
Zachary Kirby
Co-founder, Vessel
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